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Rio Grande National Forest: Invasive Plants Bibliography

Posted date: April 23, 2019
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Authors: Janine Rice - Rice Consulting LLC
Document type: Other Documents


One of the bibliographies included in the supplemental materials for the 2016 Rio Grande National Forest Climate Change Plan Revision workshop. 

This bibliography provides relevant scientific citations with abstracts on topics identified by the Rio Grande National Forest staff as important to the development of their assessment and plan components. The collection of studies, sorted by date, depict the ecology of riparian ecosystems, plant species reaction to disturbance and climate change, restoration under climate change, and vulnerability assessments. The collection of studies focus on invasive plant species across high to low elevations in grasslands, sagebrush, pinyon-juniper, montane and alpine areas, and riparian areas.

Site-specific studies on the Rio Grande National Forest were not found, however, there are regional studies that overlap the Rio Grande. Several studies include regions are in semiarid southwestern US climates or are for the western US. Invasive species, cheatgrass, Canada Thistle, leafy spurge, and knapweeds are well studied in the literature, and many of these studies are listed in this bibliography. Oxeye daisy, whitetop, and fleabane are less studied in the literature and thus have fewer representative studies listed in this bibliography.