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Soil characterization lab Data, Kootenai NF, MS82-16

Posted date: February 26, 2019
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Authors: Falen, A. L.; Fosberg, M. A.
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Falen, A. L.; Fosberg, M. A. 1986. Soil Characterization Laboratory Data: Kootenai National Forest. MS82-16. University of Idaho: College of Agriculture.



This publication contains characterization data including soil descriptions, chemical and physical laboratory data. These data will be useful in support of the USDA-Forest Service, mapping, classification, and for many other types of interpretations in research and land-use planning. 

The field samples were collected by Lou Kuennen, Marci Gerhardt and other Forest Service personnel of the Kootenai National Forest. The field nomenclature and laboratory methods represent those in effect at the time work was done. The classification done at the time of sampling was placed on the written descriptions. The laboratory procedures are contained in "Soil Characterization Laboratory Procedures" (Miscellaneous Publication 81, College of Agriculture, University of Idaho). 

This publication represents a cooperative arrangement with the USDA-Forest Service and the University of Idaho. A tremendous amount of work by soil scientists of the forest service and technicians of the University of Idaho made it possible to obtain these data. 

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