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Tools to model road impacts

Posted date: January 23, 2015
Publication Year: 
Authors: Elliot, William J.;
Document type: Briefing Papers


The Rocky Mountain Research Station has a long history of developing tools that meet the needs of National Forest Systems for managing the environmental impacts of road systems on watersheds. Existing tools have been optimized to answer particular management questions at specific spatial scales.

Key Points:

  • Forest roads are the principle source of anthropogenic fine sediment entering streams on Forest Service lands.
  • Determining how to efficiently quantify these sediment sources is of major concern for managers.
  • RMRS researchers have developed a suite of powerful tools to model the impacts of roads at a range of spatial scales, from road segments to individual forests.
  • These tools are now widely used to predict the road sediment production and delivery to streams, as well as mass wasting risk to roads from gullies and landslides, gullies, and stream crossing failures.


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WEPP Road Batch




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