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Veterans service at the Fraser Experimental Forest

Posted date: January 23, 2015
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Authors: Elder, Kelly J.;
Document type: Briefing Papers


The Fraser Experimental Forest (FEF) was established in 1937, in the heart of the central Rocky Mountains as part of a national network of experimental forests. The network was designed to dedicate land and facilities with a primary purpose of research involving various aspects of forests. The intent for FEF was to study the relationship between forest management and water yield in the subalpine zone. The Rocky Mountain Research Station maintains this 36-square-mile outdoor research laboratory, which is located about 50 air miles from Denver. FEF is an ideal location to study water, forests, and other physical and biological processes, and their integration in high-elevation subalpine watersheds. Today, the primary research addresses questions that deal with water quantity and water quality, and their relationship to forest vegetation and management across a range of scales from the small plot, to the hillslope, and basin. Other research projects include silviculture, riparian habitats, sediment, invasives, insects, soils, climate, birds, and a number of other pertinent topics.