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Watershed Analysis using WEPP Technology for The Clear Creek Restoration Project

Posted date: September 06, 2019
Publication Year: 
Authors: Elliot, William J.; Miller, Ina Sue S.;
Document type: Other Documents


Elliot, W.J. and I.S. Miller. 2017. Watershed analysis using WEPP technology for the Clear Creek Restoration Project. Internal Report. Moscow, ID: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 17 p.


The US Forest Service Clear Creek Restoration Project’s goal is to restore desired silvicultural distributions/diversity within even aged stands. Researchers are using FlamMap, the WEPP model (GeoWEPP) and GIS tools to determine sediment delivery for a variety of biomass removal scenarios. Analysis included user defined GIS and ArcToolbox tools. The findings show that the area left untreated will ultimately deliver much more sediment than the treated area due to increased risk of wildfire if left untreated.

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