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Documents and Media

A document containing data for the Northern Tier, Ninemile Study from 1979, Lolo National Forest.
A draft of the Siegel Pass Regeneration Study Plan on the Ninemile Ranger District, Lolo National Forest.
A document detailing a 1983 chemical analysis of soil samples collected from Champion's Thompson River Haul Road.
A 1984 report on Mullan Gulch Plantation: Regeneration unit, Superior Ranger District.
A document containing Finley Flat data sheets from 1986.
A 1989 soil type map of the Plains Ranger District.
A 1989 memo for the Plains Seed Orchard site.
A document containing a 1990 chemical analysis of Lolo National Forest soils. 
A document containing a Camas Report chemical Analysis from 1990. 
A document containing a 1991 soil nutrient analysis for Savenac Nursery.