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Science You Can Use Lunch Date: Burgeoning Biomass

This interactive webinar will give YOU the opportunity to ask questions about the latest Science You Can Use Bulletin,Burgeoning Biomass: Creating Efficient and Sustainable Forest Biomass Supply Chains in the Rockies. The Lunch Date will feature RMRS research scientists Nate Anderson, Debbie Dumroese, and John Hogland; and Humboldt State Professor Han-Sup Han answering YOUR questions about effective and efficient biomass utilization in the Rocky Mountains.

December 4, 2014
Research Topics: 
Bioenergy and biomass
National Strategic Program Areas: 
Resource Management and Use
National Priority Research Areas: 
Bioenergy and Biobased Products
RMRS Science Program Areas: 
Science Application and Communication
RMRS Strategic Priorities: 
Disturbance Ecology; Resilient Landscapes