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Ponderosa pine seedling planted next to fallen tree
Join us for an upcoming land-manager-focused LIGHTNING TALK webinar dedicated to forest regeneration and reforestation in western fire-adapted forests. Short science presentations will highlight what is happening with regeneration following fire and forest treatments plus considerations and tools for reforestation. Discussion and Q&A during this session will facilitate information exchange between scientists and managers.
A map of the western United States titled FuelCast, with inset pictures of grassland and a fire. The map shows fuel projections from decrease (red) to increase (blue), with hotspots in purple.
In this monthly recorded series, RMRS scientist Matt Reeves will analyze current rangeland fuel conditions across the west with emphasis on emerging hotspots.  
Science You Can Use Spring 2022 icon
Join us for land-manager focused webinars. These one hour sessions will begin with concise presentations followed by Q&A and discussion.
Dead, mature spruce trees and regeneration
This pre-recorded webinar series and live panel discussion highlighted new research and tools for salvage logging management and planning. 
Wood is Good - March 21st World Wood Day
RMRS scientists are taking part in this year's virtual World Wood Day celebrations hosted by the International Wood Culture Society and the World Wood Day Foundation. Livestreamed events will be held every month through March 2022. 
A picture of a waterfall.
Through a series of webinars, the National Ecosystem Services Strategy Team will explore the current knowledge about ecosystem services and their role as performance metrics – in terms of measuring, predicting, and valuing the outcomes of management actions.
Missoula Fire Lab Seminar Series Banner
Hour-long seminars are presented by Fire Lab employees and other researchers from throughout the world. Seminars cover current research and management about the natural world from a broad range of disciplines, but most seminars usually have a wildland fire theme.
Dead, mature spruce trees and regeneration
This event was co-hosted by RMRS and the Joint Fire Science Program's Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and Northwest Fire Science Consortium.
theme art for the CoMFRT team
Join us for a webinar series during the Winter/Spring of 2021 that explores cross-boundary fire risk mitigation and how natural resource managers can improve collaborative efforts that support and enable successful adaptation to wildfire among different land ownerships and jurisdictions.
A Scenario-Based Assessment to Inform Sustainable Ponderosa Pine Timber Harvest on the Black Hills National Forest was published by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station on March 23, 2021. The report provides the context, rationale, and evaluation of harvest level scenarios across a range of mortality and growth rates in the Black Hills. This report provides scientific information that can inform discussions concerning future...