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theme art for the CoMFRT team
Join us for a webinar series during the Winter/Spring of 2021 that explores cross-boundary fire risk mitigation and how natural resource managers can improve collaborative efforts that support and enable successful adaptation to wildfire among different land ownerships and jurisdictions.
A map of the western United States titled FuelCast, with inset pictures of grassland and a fire. The map shows fuel projections from decrease (red) to increase (blue), with hotspots in purple.
In this monthly recorded series, RMRS scientist Matt Reeves will analyze current rangeland fuel conditions across the west with emphasis on emerging hotspots.  
A Scenario-Based Assessment to Inform Sustainable Ponderosa Pine Timber Harvest on the Black Hills National Forest was published by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station on March 23, 2021. The report provides the context, rationale, and evaluation of harvest level scenarios across a range of mortality and growth rates in the Black Hills. This report provides scientific information that can inform discussions concerning future...
Young ponderosa pines growing in a forest that had burned
In this webinar, Paula Fornwalt discussed a recent project that examined post-fire tree regeneration in ponderosa pine forests of Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.
Researchers observing pollinators in the field
In this webinar, Justin Runyon discussed assessment of the pollinator-friendliness of native plant species that are available for revegetation in Montana to produce a guide identifying the best species mixes to support the greatest number of species and abundance of pollinators.
Trailing edge forest Southern Rockies ecoregion
In this webinar, Greg Dillon and Sean Parks highlighted recent advancements in modeling and predictive mapping of near-future burn severity.
Soil erosion and forest disturbance
In this webinar, Pete Robichaud discussed soil erosion prediction tools to allow for better post-fire land management decision-making.
A researcher in protective equipment measures the diameter of a tree.
In this webinar, Kristen Pelz discussed applications of Forest Inventory and Analysis data for forest planning and monitoring. 
A screenshot of the PhenoMap application.
In this webinar, Jackie Ott joined the Pacific Northwest Research Station's Charlie Schrader-Patton and Nancy Grulke to discuss PhenoMap, an interactive tool for managers to view local and regional changes in phenology.
CoMFRT graphic
In this webinar, Dan William and Mo Essen discussed the Co-Management of Wildfire Risk Transmission Partnership (CoMFRT) partnership.