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Geography: Arizona

Harbingers of change in the Arizona Sky Islands

Science Spotlights Posted on: March 16, 2021
Fuel treatments can help moderate fire behavior and reduce competition for water, but it is not yet established whether these treatments will be enough to yield resilient ecosystems in the face of a changing climate. This study examined the potential for prescribed fuel treatments and restoration of historical fire frequencies to mitigate the effects of climate change on forest species distributions, composition, biomass, and fire severity in Arizona’s Sky Islands.

A través del humo: Búhos moteados, incendios forestales, y restauración forestal

Documents and Media Posted on: February 09, 2021
 En el suroeste, los científicos y los administradores están trabajando juntos para encontrar formas de reducir el riesgo de futuros mega fuegos y al mismo tiempo mantener el hábitat crítico de anidación. Document Type: Other Documents

The “living map” of Mexican spotted owl habitat

Projects Posted on: January 13, 2021
Researchers and managers have partnered to create cutting-edge, high-resolution, high-accuracy maps of Mexican spotted owl habitat - as well as long-term habitat trends - that can be updated annually as new data become available. An interactive Google Earth Engine experimental app allows end-users to explore mapped products. 

MSO 101: A synthesis of the ecology of the Mexican spotted owl keeps on giving

Documents and Media Posted on: December 08, 2020
Recent research adds to the existing knowledge with improved understanding about owl demography and ecology, spatial distribution and connectivity of owl habitat, wildfire trends in owl habitat, and regional differences in ecology.  Document Type: Other Documents

FireCLIME VA: A New Fire and Climate Vulnerability Assessment Tool for the U.S. Southwest

Documents and Media Posted on: December 08, 2020
The FireCLIME VA tool is a new resource that allows land managers to compare management strategies under various climate scenarios and to gauge the potential effectiveness of those strategies for reducing undesirable impacts of climate on wildfire regimes and resulting impacts of wildfire on natural ecosystems.  Document Type: Other Documents

Tree regeneration following wildfires in ponderosa pine forests

Events Posted on: December 07, 2020
In this webinar, Paula Fornwalt discussed a recent project that examined post-fire tree regeneration in ponderosa pine forests of Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Location, Location, Location. Scale, Scale, Scale: Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat

Documents and Media Posted on: December 05, 2020
Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists use modeling to help untangle the layers of complexity among these relationships in order to gain insights about the Mexican spotted owl that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.  Document Type: Other Documents

Through the Smoke: Spotted Owls, Wildfire, and Forest Restoration

Documents and Media Posted on: December 05, 2020
In the Southwest, scientists and managers are working together to find ways to reduce the risk of future megafires while also maintaining critical nesting habitat for Mexican spotted owls.  Document Type: Other Documents

Habitat and growth of ponderosa pine seedlings 11-16 years after fire

Science Spotlights Posted on: November 02, 2020
Ponderosa pine seedling establishment can be constrained following especially large, high-severity wildfires. Young seedlings face high mortality levels in the first few years and remain vulnerable to the next fire until they are taller. Understanding attributes associated with the growth of naturally regenerating seedlings that survive 10+ years postfire is useful in developing post-fire management strategies.

Resources for Postfire Response: Empowering Land Managers with New After Fire Toolkit

Documents and Media Posted on: October 14, 2020
  The After Fire Toolkit provides managers, landowners, and communities with online guidance for assessing and preventing potential damage due to postfire flooding and related events. Document Type: Other Documents