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Wildfire Research Team

About WiRē 

The WiRē (Wildfire Research) Team is a partnership between wildfire practitioners and researchers. The team focuses on innovation and new approaches to integrating local social science into wildfire education and mitigation programs. WiRē brings diverse expertise in economics, sociology, and wildfire risk mitigation to a multiyear research project supported by the U.S. Interagency National Fire Plan, the Joint Fire Science Program, and our individual institutions. Our website provides bios of individual Team members and showcases academic and applied findings.

How Does WiRē Work?

The WiRē Team produced a series of three illustrated videos to help users understand their work.

  1. An Innovative Approach to Understanding Communities: introduces the Wildfire Research (WiRē) Team and explains how they are helping communities adapt to wildfire. (left)
  2. Applying the WiRē Approach: delves into the details of the WiRē Team and how they work. (right)
  3. Becoming more fire adapted through better understanding of the community: describes how a better understanding of a community can be used to develop more effective wildfire programs. (bottom)



National Strategic Program Areas: 
Wildland Fire and Fuels
National Priority Research Areas: 
Localized Needs; Localized Needs (regional work)
RMRS Science Program Areas: 
Human Dimensions
RMRS Strategic Priorities: 
Human-Landscape Interactions
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Primary Points of Contact: