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Keyword: belowground biomass

Plant biomass and species composition along an environmental gradient in montane riparian meadows

Publications Posted on: April 11, 2011
In riparian meadows, narrow zonation of the dominant vegetation frequently occurs along the elevational gradient from the stream edge to the floodplain terrace. We measured plant species composition and above- and belowground biomass in three riparian plant communities - a priori defined as wet, moist, and dry meadow - along short streamside topographic gradients in two montane meadows in northeast Oregon.

Estimating root biomass and distribution after fire in a Great Basin woodland using cores and pits

Publications Posted on: December 23, 2009
Quantifying root biomass is critical to an estimation and understanding of ecosystem net primary production, biomass partitioning, and belowground competition. We compared 2 methods for determining root biomass: a new soil-coring technique and traditional excavation of quantitative pits. We conducted the study in an existing Joint Fire Sciences demonstration area in the central Great Basin.