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Great Basin bristlecone pine volatiles as a climate change signal across environmental gradients

Publications Posted on: June 14, 2019
Alpine treeline species, like Great Basin bristlecone pine (GBBP) (Pinus longaeva Bailey), have received attention for their potential as indicators of climate change. Most studies have focused on climate-induced changes to treeline position, but climate effects on the physiology and stress of treeline plants remain poorly understood.

Trajectories for Pinus aristata genetic lineages in a changing climate

Projects Posted on: October 05, 2018
In order to evaluate bristlecone pine's potential vulnerability to climate shifts, we defined the suitable climate space for each of the four genetic lineages of bristlecone pine and other subalpine tree species in close proximity to bristlecone forests. 

World’s oldest tree species resistant to mountain pine beetle

FS News Posted on: October 17, 2016
Scientists have discovered that Great Basin bristlecone pine, which has the longest lifespan of any non-clonal organism worldwide, is highly resistance to mountain pine beetle.

Partial cambial mortality in high-elevation Pinus aristata (Pinaceae)

Publications Posted on: September 30, 2016
Partial cambial mortality is a growth form that is characteristic of Pinus aristata trees. To better elucidate their cambial death pattern, tree size and aspect of cambial death data were gathered from three Pinus aristata forests in central Colorado, USA. Stripping frequency tended to be higher for larger diameter classes. Partial cambial mortality exhibits significant directionality within each stand.

Developing proactive management options to sustain bristlecone and limber pine ecosystems in the presence of a non-native pathogen

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
Limber pine and Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine are currently threatened by the non-native pathogen white pine blister rust (WPBR). Limber pine is experiencing mortality in the Northern Rocky Mountains and the infection front continues to move southward. The first report of WPBR on Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine was made in 2003 (Blodgett and Sullivan 2004), at a site that is more than 220 miles away from the former infection front.

IUFRO joint conference of five-needle pine, rusts of forest trees, and genomics groups

Science Spotlights Posted on: August 19, 2015
World–wide experts in genetics and genomics of five-needle pines and rusts of forest trees convened in Fort Collins, Colorado, for their first joint conference to share cutting edge methods and emerging technologies to sustain healthy forest ecosystems.   

Vulnerability of Great Basin bristlecone pine to mountain pine beetle

Projects Posted on: April 28, 2015
Bristlecone pine mortality. Great Basin bristlecone pine (GBBP) (Pinus longaeva) is a long-lived species found at high elevations in Utah, Nevada, and southeastern California (CA)

Conifer regeneration dynamics

Projects Posted on: December 04, 2014
Spatial and temporal conifer regeneration dynamics for silvicultural prescriptions.

Conserving genetic diversity of mountaintop pine species

Projects Posted on: December 03, 2014