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Keyword: bulk density

Biochar can be a suitable replacement for Sphagnum peat in nursery production of Pinus ponderosa seedlings

Publications Posted on: May 10, 2018
We replaced a control peat medium with up to 75% biochar on a volumetric basis in three different forms (powder, BC; pyrolyzed softwood pellets, PP; composite wood-biochar pellets, WP), and under two supplies of nitrogen fertilizer (20 or 80 mg N) subsequently grew seedlings with a comparable morphology to the control.

Estimating carbon and nitrogen pools in forest soil: Influence of soil bulk density methods and rock content

Science Spotlights Posted on: February 01, 2018
Many U.S. forests contain soils with high rock content, and quantities of stored carbon and nitrogen. There is a need to calculate changes in carbon and nutrient pools in soils, but current sampling methods are not completely reliable in rocky soils. Managers and climate change researchers are using estimates of carbon pools to indicate soil productivity, alteration of biological activity, impacts from fire, or carbon storage potential. 

Effects of controlled burns on the bulk density and thermal conductivity of soils at a southern Colorado site

Publications Posted on: May 23, 2013
Throughout the world fire plays an important role in the management and maintenance of ecosystems. However, if a fire is sufficiently intense, soil can be irreversibly altered and the ability of vegetation, particularly forests, to recover after a fire can be seriously compromised.

A guide to soil samplng and analysis on the National Forests of the Inland Northwest United States

Publications Posted on: January 08, 2013
This guide details soil collection methods, sample analysis, and data translation. It outlines what field soil scientists need to make accurate interpretations of site information. Included are instructions for sampling typical Andisols found on National Forests of the Inland Northwest United States.

Spatial variability of wildland fuel characteristics in northern Rocky Mountain ecosystems

Publications Posted on: October 22, 2012
We investigated the spatial variability of a number of wildland fuel characteristics for the major fuel components found in six common northern Rocky Mountain ecosystems.

Susceptibility of volcanic ash-influenced soil in northern Idaho to mechanical compaction

Publications Posted on: July 20, 2006
Timber harvesting and mechanical site preparation can reduce site productivity if they excessively disturb or compact the soil. Volcanic ash-influenced soils with low undisturbed bulk densities and rock content are particularly susceptible. This study evaluates the effects of harvesting and site preparation on changes in the bulk density of ash-influenced forest soils in northern Idaho.