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Keyword: Central Oregon

Short- and long-term effects of prescribed underburning on nitrogen availability in ponderosa pine stands in Central Oregon

Documents and Media Posted on: October 03, 2018
The effects of prescribed underburning on soil total C pools, total and inorganic N pools, and in situ net N mineralization were examined during a 1-year study in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex P. & C. Laws.) sites that had been experimentally burned 4 months, 5 years, or 12 years earlier.Document Type: Other Documents

Mixed-conifer forests of central Oregon: Effects of logging and fire exclusion vary with environment

Publications Posted on: October 07, 2015
Twentieth-century land management has altered the structure and composition of mixed-conifer forests and decreased their resilience to fire, drought, and insects in many parts of the Interior West. These forests occur across a wide range of environmental settings and historical disturbance regimes, so their response to land management is likely to vary across landscapes and among ecoregions.

Central Oregon fire history: fire and forest histories of central Oregon from tree rings

Projects Posted on: January 22, 2015
Tree-rings are used to reconstruct fire and forest histories in central Oregon.

Waste to wisdom: Using waste woody biomass to create biochar for soil restoration

Projects Posted on: December 03, 2014
The application of biochar to forest soils to improve soil productivity shows promise in many areas, although many soil impacts still need to be described. Numerous field and lab studies are ongoing in the inland Northwest that will help determine the most appropriate biochar sources and soil types for applying biochar.