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Keyword: classification trees

Random forests for classification in ecology

Publications Posted on: September 10, 2019
Classification procedures are some of the most widely used statistical methods in ecology. Random forests (RF) is a new and powerful statistical classifier that is well established in other disciplines but is relatively unknown in ecology.

Evaluation of open source data mining software packages

Publications Posted on: January 27, 2010
Since 2001, the USDA Forest Service (USFS) has used classification and regression-tree technology to map USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) biomass, forest type, forest type groups, and National Forest vegetation. This prior work used Cubist/See5 software for the analyses. The objective of this project, sponsored by the Remote Sensing Steering Committee (RSSC), was to evaluate other software packages, including R, SAS, WEKA, and Orange.

Predicting tree species presence and basal area in Utah: A comparison of stochastic gradient boosting, generalized additive models, and tree-based methods

Publications Posted on: September 04, 2007
Many efforts are underway to produce broad-scale forest attribute maps by modelling forest class and structure variables collected in forest inventories as functions of satellite-based and biophysical information. Typically, variants of classification and regression trees implemented in Rulequest's© See5 and Cubist (for binary and continuous responses, respectively) are the tools of choice in many of these applications.

Effects of sample survey design on the accuracy of classification tree models in species distribution models

Publications Posted on: April 02, 2007
We evaluated the effects of probabilistic (hereafter DESIGN) and non-probabilistic (PURPOSIVE) sample surveys on resultant classification tree models for predicting the presence of four lichen species in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Models derived from both survey forms were assessed using an independent data set (EVALUATION).

Nonparametric projections of forest and rangeland condition indicators: A technical document supporting the 2005 USDA Forest Service RPA Assessment Update

Publications Posted on: May 15, 2006
The 2005 Forest and Rangeland Condition Indicator Model is a set of classification trees for forest and rangeland condition indicators at the national scale.