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Keyword: decision-making

The science and opportunity of wildfire risk assessment (Chapter 6)

Publications Posted on: October 01, 2012
Wildfire management within the United States continues to increase in complexity, as the converging drivers of (1) increased development into fire-prone areas, (2) accumulated fuels from historic management practices, and (3) climate change potentially magnify threats to social and ecological values (Bruins et al., 2010; Gude et al., 2008; Littell et al., 2009).

Environmental decision support systems (EDSS) development - Challenges and best practices

Publications Posted on: September 10, 2012
Despite the perceived value of DSS in informing environmental and natural resource management, DSS tools often fail to be adopted by intended end users. By drawing together the experience of a global group of EDSS developers, we have identified and assessed key challenges in EDSS development and offer recommendations to resolve them.

Approximating recreation site choice: the predictive capability of a lexicographic semi-order model

Publications Posted on: July 20, 2006
The relevancy of a lexicographic semi-order model, as a basis for development of a microcomputer-based decision aid for backcountry hikers, was investigated. In an interactive microcomputer exercise, it was found that a decision aid based upon this model may assist recreationists in reduction of an alternative set to a cognitively manageable number.

Meaningful community involvement in protected area issues: a dialogue session

Publications Posted on: March 06, 2006
The current effort to rethink public involvement in decision-making processes for federal lands is gaining momentum. Advocates of alternative decision-making processes seek to involve communities in more meaningful ways than traditional NEPA-style public participation. These new processes take the form of citizen monitoring, partnerships, and most often, collaboration, and focus on dialogue, mutual understanding, and common ground.