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Keyword: Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii)

Mixed-conifer forests of central Oregon: Effects of logging and fire exclusion vary with environment

Publications Posted on: October 07, 2015
Twentieth-century land management has altered the structure and composition of mixed-conifer forests and decreased their resilience to fire, drought, and insects in many parts of the Interior West. These forests occur across a wide range of environmental settings and historical disturbance regimes, so their response to land management is likely to vary across landscapes and among ecoregions.

Stereo photo series for quantifying forest residues in the Douglas-Fir-Hemlock type of the Willamette National Forest.

Publications Posted on: February 23, 2007
A series of stereo photographs displays a range of residue loadings for harvested units in the Douglas-fir-western hemlock cover type common to the Willamette National Forest. Postburn residue levels are also represented for the Douglas-fir-western hemlock types. Information with each photo includes measured quadratic means and weights for various size classes, woody fuel depth, and duff depth.