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Future changes in fire weather, spring droughts, and false springs across U.S. National Forests and Grasslands

Publications Posted on: August 23, 2019
Public lands provide many ecosystem services and support diverse plant and animal communities. In order to provide these benefits in the future, land managers and policy makers need information about future climate change and its potential effects. In particular, weather extremes are key drivers of wildfires, droughts, and false springs, which in turn can have large impacts on ecosystems.

The California Tree Mortality Data Collection Network - Enhanced communication and collaboration among scientists and stakeholders

Publications Posted on: July 08, 2019
Over 147 million dead trees were detected in the Sierra Nevada by the U.S. Forest Service Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) from 2010 to 2018 (USDA 2019). The massive tree mortality, evident in swaths of conifers with red needles, was mostly due to the 2012–2016 drought. While levels of mortality have declined in the last 2 years, the consequences will last for years to come.

Science You Can Use Bulletin: Our forests in the [water] balance

Publications Posted on: March 04, 2015
Climate change is not only causing temperatures to rise, it is also altering the amount and type of precipitation that falls across the western United States. Research shows a trend of increasingly dry "dry years," meaning droughts are becoming more severe and streams are flowing lower during these periods.