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Keyword: ecohydraulics

Biophysical ecology of streams in high elevation wet meadows

Projects Posted on: April 22, 2015
Wet meadow ecosystems host threatened and endangered species and are at high risk from climate change, wildfires, and water diversion. A typical wet meadow in the upper Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho is the site of several prior and current investigations of stream ecosystem dynamics.

Remote sensing of channels and riparian zones with a narrow-beam aquatic-terrestrial LIDAR

Publications Posted on: December 02, 2009
The high-resolution Experimental Advanced Airborne Research LIDAR (EAARL) is a new technology for cross-environment surveys of channels and floodplains. EAARL measurements of basic channel geometry, such as wetted cross-sectional area, are within a few percent of those from control field surveys. The largest channel mapping errors are along stream banks.