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Keyword: ecological effects of wildfires

Hayman Fire Case Study

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
In 2002 much of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado was rich in dry vegetation as a result of fire exclusion and the droughty conditions that prevailed in recent years. These dry and heavy fuel loadings were continuous along the South Platte River corridor located between Denver and Colorado Springs on the Front Range.

Hayman Fire Case Study: Summary [RMRS-GTR-115]

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
This publication summarizes the findings in the 400-page companion document, Hayman Fire Case Study, Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-114. This summary document's purpose is to convey information quickly and succinctly to a wide array of audiences.

Resilience science - key to effective restoration of imperiled sagebrush ecosystems

Science Spotlights Posted on: October 08, 2015
Sagebrush ecosystems and the more than 350 species that rely on them are highly imperiled due to persistent threats such as invasive annual grasses, pinyon and juniper expansion, and altered fire regimes. Understanding their relative resilience or recovery potential following wildfire or management treatments provides the basis for more effective selection of treatment areas and restoration strategies.