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Keyword: ecosystem management

The 21st Century silviculturist

Publications Posted on: July 25, 2019
As a discipline, silviculture has a long legacy of practitioners who mentored the next generation, passing their knowledge - and vision for the future - onward.

Integrating ecosystem sampling, gradient modeling, remote sensing, and ecosystem simulation to create spatially explicit landscape inventories

Publications Posted on: July 11, 2019
Presented is a prototype of the Landscape Ecosystem Inventory System (LEIS), a system for creating maps of important landscape characteristics for natural resource planning. This system uses gradient-based field inventories coupled with gradient modeling remote sensing, ecosystem simulation, and statistical analyses to derive spatial data layers required for ecosystem management.

Use of landscape simulation modeling to quantify resilience for ecological applications

Publications Posted on: October 03, 2018
Goals of fostering ecological resilience are increasingly used to guide U.S. public land management in the context of anthropogenic climate change and increasing landscape disturbances. There are, however, few operational means of assessing the resilience of a landscape or ecosystem. We present a method to evaluate resilience using simulation modeling.

Building consensus: Legitimate hope or seductive paradox?

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
To understand how participants in a natural resource planning situation described the nature of consensus, we interviewed scientists, agency planners and managers, and public representatives in two planning processes on the Bitterroot National Forest in west-central Montana.

Ponderosa pine ecosystems restoration and conservation: steps toward stewardship; 2000 April 25-27; Flagstaff, AZ

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
This volume is divided into three sections: (1) Ecological, Biological, and Physical Science; (2) Social and Cultural; and (3) Economics and Utilization. Effective ecological restoration requires a combination of science and management.

Watershed management contributions to land stewardship: A literature review

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
An international conference to increase people's awareness of the contributions that watershed management can make to future land stewardship was held in Tucson, Arizona, March 13-16, 2000. This bibliography is a compilation of the synthesis and poster papers presented at the conference along with the literature cited in these papers on watershed research projects, applied watershed management activities, and technology transfer mechanisms.

From single species management to ecosystem management, "The goshawk"

Publications Posted on: May 11, 2018
Natural resource management in the United States is in a state of flux now more than any time in history. Many of the concerns about forest management are related to the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. This act focuses forest management on preserving the habitat of a single species.

Assessments for ecological stewardship

Publications Posted on: March 30, 2018
Depending on the agency, discipline, or audience, assessments supply data and information to address relevant policy questions and to help make decisions (Streets 1989, Thorton et al. 1994). Data collected in assessments estimate, measure, appraise, rate, characterize, or describe various resource conditions.

Disturbance regimes and the historical range and variation in terrestrial ecosystems

Publications Posted on: January 31, 2017
Disturbances are major drivers of ecological dynamics and it is the cumulative effects of disturbances across space and time that define a disturbance regime and dictate biodiversity by influencing the ranges of vegetation structures, compositions, and processes on landscapes.

ECO-Report - Scale matters - some thoughts on landscape sustainability

Publications Posted on: August 25, 2016
ECO-Report is an annual Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) publication which contains a set of articles showcasing the Bitterroot Ecosystem Management Research Project (BEMRP) research projects and activities. The articles are concise, user-friendly, and designed to inform a broad range of audiences interested in ecosystem management.