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Keyword: ecosystem types

Impacts and vulnerabilities for forest ecosystem types of the Rio Grande National Forest

Documents and Media Posted on: April 23, 2019
The presence of trees on a landscape are influenced by a number of factors including temperature, moisture availability, resource availability, soils, and disturbance history. In general, temperature decreases and precipitation increases as elevation increases. Currently, these two factors have resulted in the presence of different forest types and mixtures of species within these forest types along an elevational gradient. As climate gets warmer and precipitation patterns change, changes in reproductive success, growth rates, competitive environments, and disturbances will likely alter the distribution of forest types and mixtures of species across the landscape. Predicting precisely how forests will respond to climatic change is difficult, however, we can gain some clues based on tree life history traits and their responses to environmental influences. To cover all of the possible outcomes and information is beyond the scope of this document, however, the hope is that the information provided here will highlight some of the factors that practitioners might consider when planning for the near- and long-term. Document Type: Other Documents