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Keyword: ecotourism

Protecting ecotourism resources in a time of rapid economic and environmental transformation in Asia

Publications Posted on: July 07, 2010
In the Far East of Russia, similar to many places in Asia, ecotourism and the environment are in transition.

A critical needs assessment for collaborative ecotourism development linked to protected areas in Cross River State, Nigeria

Publications Posted on: September 14, 2009
Nigeria has abundant natural resources, and the nation, working with its partners over the years, has made large strides toward conservation of this natural wealth, but the future of Nigeria's natural resources remains uncertain.

Social construction of arctic wilderness: place meanings, value pluralism, and globalization

Publications Posted on: July 20, 2006
This paper offers a social constructionist approach to examining the nature and dynamics of arctic wilderness meanings and values. Viewing wilderness as a socially constructed place responds to growing critiques of modern "Enlightenment" views of nature and society in three ways examined here. First, wilderness landscapes are seen as geographically organized and socially constructed into places that carry a plurality of meanings.

Conserving biodiversity on Mongolian Rangelands: Implications for protected area development and pastoral uses

Publications Posted on: May 16, 2006
Mongolia is a sparsely populated country with over 80 percent of its land used by pastoralists for extensive livestock grazing. Mongolia’s wildlife and pastoralists have faced dramatic challenges with the recent rapid socioeconomic changes. Livestock numbers increased dramatically in the 1990s following the transition from communism to democracy and capitalism.

Voices from the local communities (Voces de las comunidades locales)

Publications Posted on: May 15, 2006
We would have liked to hear more talks about production issues and alternative modes of production, such as the one given about ecotourism activities. However, the examples and experiences from Sonora and the United States were very useful and interesting. In a subsequent meeting, we would like to hear more about legal and organizational issues and not so much about research.

Ecotourism (Ecoturismo)

Publications Posted on: May 15, 2006
The objectives of this presentation are to: (1) describe how ecotourism differs from traditional tourism; (2) provide examples of ecotourism from the U.S.-Mexico region; and (3) suggest potential ecotourism development in the Casas Grandes area; and (4) describe potential problems related to such development.

A multiscale method for assessing vegetation baseline of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in protected areas of Chile

Publications Posted on: March 07, 2006
The exponential growth of recreation and tourism or ecotourism activities is affecting ecological processes in protected areas of Chile. In order to protect protected areas integrity, all projects inside their boundaries must pass through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The purpose of this research was to design a multiscale method to assess vegetation for the EIA baseline in protected areas of Chile and developing countries.