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Keyword: Europe

The national forest inventory in China: History, results, international context

Publications Posted on: August 19, 2015
Main results and important changes in China’s NFI are documented, both to support continued trend analysis and to provide data users with historical perspective. New technologies and data needs ensure that the Chinese NFI, like the national inventories in other countries, will continue to evolve. Within the context of historical change and current conditions, likely directions for this evolution are suggested.

Monitoring Forest Condition in Europe: Impacts of Nitrogen and Sulfur Depositions on Forest Ecosystems

Publications Posted on: March 05, 2007
Forest condition in Europe has been monitored over 19 years jointly by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the European Union (EU). Large-scale variations of forest condition over space and time in relation to natural and anthropogenic factors are assessed on about 6,000 plots systematically spread across Europe.

New GIS approaches to wild land mapping in Europe

Publications Posted on: March 06, 2006
This paper outlines modifications and new approaches to wild land mapping developed specifically for the United Kingdom and European areas. In particular, national level reconnaissance and local level mapping of wild land in the UK and Scotland are presented. A national level study for the UK is undertaken, and a local study focuses on the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland.