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Keyword: even-aged stands

Silviculture's role in managing boreal forests

Publications Posted on: March 30, 2018
Boreal forests, which are often undeveloped, are a major source of raw materials for many countries. They are circumpolar in extent and occupy a belt to a width of 1000 km in certain regions. Various conifer and hardwood species ranging from true firs to poplars grow in boreal forests. These species exhibit a wide range of shade tolerance and growth characteristics, and occupy different successional positions.

Is self-thinning in ponderosa pine ruled by Dendroctonus bark beetles?

Publications Posted on: June 20, 2006
Stand density of even-aged stands of ponderosa pine in California seems to be ruled by Dendroctonus bark beetles, rather than the suppressioninduced mortality common for other tree species. Size-density trajectories were plotted for 155 permanent plots in both plantations and natural stands.