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Keyword: exotic plant invasions

Endophytic fungal communities of Bromus tectorum: Mutualisms, community assemblages and implications for invasion

Publications Posted on: September 30, 2011
Exotic plant invasions are of serious economic, social and ecological concern worldwide. Although many promising hypotheses have been posited in attempt to explain the mechanism(s) by which plant invaders are successful, there is no single explanation for all invasions and often no single explanation for the success of an individual species.

Small mammal communities and habitat selection in Northern Rocky Mountain bunchgrass: Implications for exotic plant invasions

Publications Posted on: September 10, 2007
Agriculture and development have dramatically reduced the range of native bunchgrass habitats in the Northern Rocky Mountains, and the invasion of exotic plants threatens to greatly alter the remaining pristine prairie. Small mammals play many important roles in ecosystem functions, but little is known about small mammal community composition and structure in native bunchgrass habitats of the Northern Rocky Mountains.