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Keyword: facilitation

Interspecific effects between overstorey and regeneration in small‑scale mixtures of three late‑successional species in the Western Carpathians (southern Poland)

Publications Posted on: September 14, 2019
In mixed-species forests, species composition of the overstorey affects regeneration processes through its influence on seed rain intensity and micro-site characteristics. Based on extensive inventory data (1583 sample plots), this study investigated relationships between the percentages of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.), European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) H.

Shrub facilitation of tree establishment varies with ontogenetic stage across environmental gradients

Publications Posted on: July 25, 2019
Plant-plant interactions are important drivers of ecosystem structure and function, yet predicting interaction outcomes across environmental gradients remains challenging. Understanding how interactions are affected by ontogenetic shifts in plant characteristics can provide insight into the drivers of interactions and improve our ability to anticipate ecosystem responses to environmental change.

Data product for "Nitrogen level and legume presence affect competitive interactions between a native and invasive grass"

Datasets Posted on: August 27, 2015
We conducted a greenhouse experiment to investigate effects of the native N2-fixing legume, L. argenteus, on competitive interactions between seedlings of the non-native annual grass, B.tectorum, and a native perennial grass, E. multisetus, over a gradient of nitrogen (N) availability.

Data product for "Role of a native legume in facilitating native vs. invasive species in sagebrush steppe before and after fire"

Datasets Posted on: August 27, 2015
We conducted a field experiment near Reno, Nevada to determine if the native legume, Lupinus argenteus, is able to facilitate seedling establishment in an unburned and burned community in sagebrush steppe. We chose six treatments to identify specific mechanisms by which L.

Indirect effects of an invasive annual grass on seed fates of two native perennial grass species

Publications Posted on: March 27, 2015
Invasive plants exhibit both direct and indirect negative effects on recruitment of natives following invasion. We examined indirect effects of the invader Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass) on seed fates of two native grass species, Elymus elymoides and Pseudoroegneria spicata, by removing B. tectorum and by adding inoculum of the shared seed pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda in factorial experiments at xeric and mesic field sites.

Regeneration of Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) and limber pine (Pinus flexilis) three decades after stand-replacing fires

Publications Posted on: February 02, 2009
Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) and limber pine (Pinus flexilis) are important highelevation pines of the southern Rockies that are forecast to decline due to the recent spread of white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola) into this region.