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Keyword: fire intensity

Defining old growth for fire-adapted forests of the Western United States

Publications Posted on: December 17, 2007
There are varying definitions of old-growth forests because of differences in environment and differing fire influence across the Intermountain West.

Simulating forest fuel and fire risk dynamics across landscapes--LANDIS fuel module design

Publications Posted on: March 09, 2007
Understanding fuel dynamics over large spatial (103-106 ha) and temporal scales (101-103 years) is important in comprehensive wildfire management. We present a modeling approach to simulate fuel and fire risk dynamics as well as impacts of alternative fuel treatments. The approach is implemented using the fuel module of an existing spatially explicit forest landscape model, LANDIS.

Fire Severity and Intensity During Spring Burning in Natural and Masticated Mixed Shrub Woodlands

Publications Posted on: February 02, 2007
Fire risk is an ever present management concern in many urban interface regions. To mitigate this risk, land management agencies have expanded their options beyond prescribed fire to include vegetation mastication and other mechanical fuel treatments. This research project examined fire severity and intensity in masticated and unmanipulated units that were burned in spring in a Northern California mixed shrub woodland.

How to predict the spread and intensity of forest and range fires

Publications Posted on: October 06, 2006
This manual documents procedures for estimating the rate of forward spread, intensity, flame length, and size of fires burning in forests and rangelands. Contains instructions for obtaining fuel and weather data, calculating fire behavior, and interpreting the results for application to actual fire problems.

Remote sensing techniques to assess active fire characteristics and post-fire effects

Publications Posted on: October 03, 2006
Space and airborne sensors have been used to map area burned, assess characteristics of active fires, and characterize post-fire ecological effects. Confusion about fire intensity, fire severity, burn severity, and related terms can result in the potential misuse of the inferred information by land managers and remote sensing practitioners who require unambiguous remote sensing products for fire management.

Charts for interpreting wildland fire behavior characteristics

Publications Posted on: May 09, 2006
The fire characteristics chart is proposed as a graphical method ofpresenting two primary characteristics of fire behavior – spread rate and intensity. Its primary use is communicating and interpreting either site-specific predictions of fire behavior or National Fire-Danger Rating System (NFDRS) indexes and components. Rate of spread, heat per unit area, flame length, and fireline intensity, are plotted on a fire behavior chart.