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Modeling relationships among 217 fires using remote sensing of burn severity in southern pine forests

Publications Posted on: January 30, 2017
Pine flatwoods forests in the southeastern US have experienced severe wildfires over the past few decades, often attributed to fuel load build-up. These forest communities are fire dependent and require regular burning for ecosystem maintenance and health. Although prescribed fire has been used to reduce wildfire risk and maintain ecosystem integrity, managers are still working to reintroduce fire to long unburned areas.

Fire Modeling Institute

Groups Posted on: December 30, 2016


Tools Posted on: August 05, 2014
FireStem is a computer model designed to aid fire managers in predicting tree mortality based on fire behavior and intensity.

A mathematical model for predicting fire spread in wildland fuels

Publications Posted on: March 31, 2009
A mathematical fire model for predicting rate of spread and intensity that is applicable to a wide range of wildland fuels and environment is presented. Methods of incorporating mixtures of fuel sizes are introduced by weighting input parameters by surface area. The input parameters do not require a prior knowledge of the burning characteristics of the fuel.

Predicting behavior and size of crown fires in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Publications Posted on: March 21, 2007
Describes methods for approximating behavior and size of a wind-driven crown fire in mountainous terrain. Covers estimation of average rate of spread, energy release from tree crowns and surface fuel, fireline intensity, flame length, and unit area power of the fire and ambient wind.