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Keyword: fluvial

Fine-scale characteristics of fluvial bull trout redds and adjacent sites in Rapid River, Idaho, 1993-2007

Publications Posted on: June 22, 2017
From 1993 to 2007, we used single pass, September surveys to locate and measure fluvial bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) redds in Rapid River, Idaho. Here we describe substrate sizes, redd dimensions, and water depths, velocities, and temperatures within and adjacent to 337 redds. Most (79%) spawning sites had fewer than 20% surface fines ( 60%) in redds.

Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest fluvial sediment transport data

Datasets Posted on: August 27, 2015
This data publication contains average daily sediment transport data recorded at eight locations in the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest watershed from 1994 to 2014. Four sediment samplers were placed at the bottom of four sub-watersheds flowing into Tenderfoot Creek. These sub-watersheds are Spring Park Creek, Sun Creek, Stringer Creek and Bubbling Creek.