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Keyword: Forest hydrology

Using Forest Inventory & Analysis data for broad-scale assessments of vegetation effects on water resources

Projects Posted on: April 29, 2019
Forest canopies exert a physical influence on the partitioning of precipitation into runoff versus evapotranspiration through several hydrologic processes. This project seeks to illuminate the ways that forest dynamics and disturbance affect hydrologic processes and availability of water for ecosystems and for people.  

Snow accumulation in thinned lodgepole pine stands, Montana, USA

Publications Posted on: July 28, 2015
Alternative silvicultural treatments such as thinning can be used to restore forested watersheds and reduce wildfire hazards, but the hydrologic effects of these treatments are not well defined.

Contributions of studies on experimental forests to hydrology and watershed management [Chapter 14]

Publications Posted on: October 02, 2014
The link between healthy forests and watersheds and healthy streamflow and quality water is universally recognized. The major rivers of the USA originate in the forested mountains of the western and eastern USA and the glaciated regions of the Lake States and Great Plains and produce almost two-thirds of the nation’s clean water supply.