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Keyword: Forest Inventory and Analysis

Putting Forest Inventory and Analysis data to work in forest planning and monitoring

Events Posted on: December 07, 2020
In this webinar, Kristen Pelz discussed applications of Forest Inventory and Analysis data for forest planning and monitoring. 

Atlas of current and potential future distributions of common trees of the eastern United States

Publications Posted on: June 22, 2020
This atlas documents the current and possible future distribution of 80 common tree species in the Eastern United States and gives detailed information on environmental characteristics defining these distributions. Also included are outlines of life history characteristics and summary statistics for these species.

Making sense of big data: Putting Forest Inventory and Analysis to work in forest planning

Publications Posted on: June 18, 2020
The Rocky Mountain Research Station works with National Forest planning teams to understand and maximize an important resource: forest data collected by the Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program. The program’s website, found at https://www.fia.fs.fed.

Making Sense of Big Data: Putting Forest Inventory and Analysis to Work in Forest Planning

Documents and Media Posted on: April 27, 2020
Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) scientists, Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA), and National Forests (NFS) land managers and planners have been partnering together to improve Forest Planning processes and goals. Document Type: Other Documents

The fuel treatment evaluator - a silvicultural approach to reducing fire hazard

Publications Posted on: February 27, 2020
The Fuel Treatment Evaluator (FTE 3.0) is a web-based tool that can be used to explore the impacts of alternative thinning intensities for any forest area in the United States. This paper will explain the Stand Density Index-based prescription engine used in uneven-aged scenarios in the FTE 3.0 program and present examples of uneven-aged fuels treatment activity prescriptions that can be developed.

Rocky Mountain Research Station Forest Inventory & Analysis: New Mexico

Pages Posted on: July 10, 2019
Inventory and monitoring efforts conducted by Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists present a systematic compilation of forest statistics of the state.

Painting a picture across the landscape with ModelMap

Publications Posted on: September 08, 2017
Scientists and statisticians working for the Rocky Mountain Research Station have created a software package that simplifies and automates many of the processes needed for converting models into maps. This software package, called ModelMap, has helped a variety of specialists and land managers to quickly convert data into easily understood graphical images. The software package also includes methods to test for accuracy.

Can FIA soils data improve models predicting ponderosa pine density in the Southwest?

Projects Posted on: August 25, 2017
Puhlick et al. (2012) evaluated the influence of numerous abiotic and biotic factors on ponderosa pine regeneration densities in the southwestern United States. The study described here will use newly released soils data from the Forest Inventory and Analysis program to test the influence of soils and other variables on ponderosa pine seedling densities.

Gridded snow water equivalent reconstruction for Utah using Forest Inventory and Analysis tree-ring data

Publications Posted on: July 19, 2017
Snowpack observations in the Intermountain West are sparse and short, making them difficult for use in depicting past variability and extremes. This study presents a reconstruction of April 1 snow water equivalent (SWE) for the period of 1850–1989 using increment cores collected by the U.S. Forest Service, Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis program (FIA).

Introduction to the Special Section on Forest Inventory and Analysis

Publications Posted on: May 24, 2017
Eighteen years ago, in this journal, Gillespie (1999) described the transition of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program from its historical practice of periodic, state-level inventories to a spatially and temporally balanced annualized inventory.