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Keyword: forest treatments

Variability in nest density, occupancy, and home range size of western bluebirds after forest treatments

Publications Posted on: December 06, 2010
Complex land use and fuels management histories have resulted in significant changes in composition, structure, and function of southwestern forests and subsequent changes in the extent and quality of wildlife habitats.

Fire behavior modeling to assess net benefits of forest treatments on fire hazard mitigation and bioenergy production in Northeastern California

Publications Posted on: September 18, 2007
The fire behavior modeling described here, conducted as part of the Biomass to Energy (B2E) life cycle assessment, is funded by the California Energy Commission to evaluate the potential net benefits associated with treating and utilizing forest biomass.

Using models to provide a virtual test of forest treatments

Publications Posted on: July 05, 2007
BEMRP's participation in the Bitterroot National Forest's proposed Trapper Bunkhouse Land Stewardship Project (Trapper-Bunkhouse Project) consists of two parts. One is the field study mentioned elsewhere in this ECO-Report that is looking into the effects of thinning and burning on various resources. The other part involves modeling to determine where treatments should take place both from a fuel reduction and economic standpoint.