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Keyword: forest understory

Introducing close-range photogrammetry for characterizing forest understory plant diversity and surface fuel structure at fine scales

Publications Posted on: December 13, 2016
Methods characterizing fine-scale fuels and plant diversity can advance understanding of plant-fire interactions across scales and help in efforts to monitor important ecosystems such as longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) forests of the southeastern United States. Here, we evaluate the utility of close-range photogrammetry for measuring fuels and plant diversity at fine scales (submeter) in a longleaf pine forest.

Lessons from the Hayman Fire: Forest understory responses to the scarify-and-seed postfire rehabilitation treatment

Publications Posted on: December 01, 2010
In unburned forests, organic plant litter and live vegetation help stabilize the soil and promote water infiltration. Much of this plant material is consumed during severe wildfires, leaving the bare ground susceptible to elevated postfire water runoff and soil erosion (Shakesby and Doerr 2006). Severe wildfires can also produce a water-repellant layer in the soil that further decreases water infiltration (DeBano 2000).