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Keyword: fuel inventory

Comparing three sampling techniques for estimating fine woody down dead biomass

Publications Posted on: September 29, 2014
Designing woody fuel sampling methods that quickly, accurately and efficiently assess biomass at relevant spatial scales requires extensive knowledge of each sampling method's strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs.

Describing wildland surface fuel loading for fire management: A review of approaches, methods and systems

Publications Posted on: September 05, 2012
Wildland fuelbeds are exceptionally complex, consisting of diverse particles of many sizes, types and shapes with abundances and properties that are highly variable in time and space. This complexity makes it difficult to accurately describe, classify, sample and map fuels for wildland fire research and management.

A comparison of five sampling techniques to estimate surface fuel loading in montane forests

Publications Posted on: September 25, 2008
Designing a fuel-sampling program that accurately and efficiently assesses fuel load at relevant spatial scales requires knowledge of each sample method's strengths and weaknesses.We obtained loading values for six fuel components using five fuel load sampling techniques at five locations in western Montana, USA. The techniques included fixed-area plots, planar intersect, photoloads, a photoload macroplot, and a photo series.

Handbook for inventorying downed woody material

Publications Posted on: September 24, 2007
To facilitate debris management, procedures for inventorying downed woody material are presented. Instructions show how to estimate weights and volumes of downed woody material, fuel depth, and duff depth. Using the planar intersect technique, downed material is inventoried by 0- to 0.25-inch, 0.25- to 1-inch, and 1- to 3-inch diameter classes; and by 1-inch classes for sound and rotten pieces over 3 inches.