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Keyword: holistic perspective

Our forests in the [water] balance

Pages Posted on: May 15, 2018
  Climate change is not only causing temperatures to rise, it is also altering the amount and type of precipitation that falls across the western United States. Research shows a trend of increasingly dry “dry years,” meaning droughts are becoming more severe and streams are flowing lower during these periods. Forests play an important role in delivering high quality water to streams, but climate change is affecting this role. Drought can cause tree mortality due to lack of water or reduced resistance to insects and disease. Dry fuels and stressed vegetation in forests also increases the potential for large wildfires. When many trees die in a forest fire or from disease or insect outbreaks, the amount of water entering nearby streams often increases. However, so does the delivery of sediment to these streams through erosion. These changes call on resource managers and communities in the West to start conversations today about addressing water supplies in the future. In addition, silviculturists, fuel specialists, and aquatic ecologists can work together to maintain a holistic view of ecosystems that, above all, considers where forests fit in the water balance.

Future directions for simulation of recreation use

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
As the case studies in Chapter 4 illustrate, simulation modeling can be a valuable tool for recreation planning and management. Although simulation modeling is already well developed for business applications, its adaptation to recreation management is less developed. Relatively few resources have been devoted to realizing its potential. Further progress is needed in refining the models, and their inputs and outputs.