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Keyword: hydrologic processes

Projects of the Southwest Watershed Science Team

Pages Posted on: July 05, 2016
The Southwest Watershed Science Team of the RMRS Air, Water, and Aquatic Ecosystems Science Program has been involved in studies to determine the soil and watershed effects of wildfires and prescribed fires since 2000. The team is involved in numerous projects to explore impacts of disturbance on water quality and streamflow, develop streamside management zones, and survey and monitor trends in unique watersheds.

Southwest Watershed Science Team

Groups Posted on: December 15, 2015

Hydrologic processes in the pinyon-juniper woodlands: A literature review

Publications Posted on: February 21, 2012
Hydrologic processes in the pinyon-juniper woodlands of the western region of the United States are variable because of the inherent interactions among the occurring precipitation regimes, geomorphological settings, and edaphic conditions that characterize the ecosystem. A wide range of past and present land-use practices further complicates comprehensive evaluations of these hydrologic processes.