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Keyword: Lick Creek

Ponderosa pine restoration at Lick Creek

Projects Posted on: April 10, 2018
Lick Creek Demonstration-Research Forest: 25-year fire and cutting effects on vegetation and fuels.

Relevance of Lick Creek ecosystem-based management treatments to National Forest management

Publications Posted on: September 26, 2007
Treatments applied at Lick Creek were the first landscape-scale applications of ecosystem management on the Bitterroot National Forest. The coordinated effort between educators, researchers, resource managers, and the public helped gain acceptance and understanding of new approaches to management, both internally and externally.

Ecosystem-based management treatments

Publications Posted on: September 26, 2007
At Lick Creek, from 1906 until the 1980’s carefully guided harvesting had selectively removed large trees, retaining vigorous ones but allowing unmerchantable small trees to proliferate. The small trees were occasionally thinned by hand, but this was expensive and generated hazardous slash fuels.

Interpretations of vegetative change through 1989: The photopoints

Publications Posted on: September 26, 2007
The 1907 to 1911 logging operations and subsequent lack of surface fires dramatically changed the patterns of plant succession at Lick Creek. Large quantities of overstory pines were felled, creating sizable openings. Logs were skidded and slash was burned in piles (Koch 1998) locally scraping off or consuming surface vegetation, pine needle litter, and humus, and exposing mineral soil.