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Keyword: mixed conifer forests

Data for National Fire and Fire Surrogate study: environmental effects of alternative fuel reduction treatments

Datasets Posted on: June 08, 2016
Comprised of 12 sites nationwide, the Fire and Fire Surrogates study (FFS) is a comprehensive interdisciplinary experiment designed to evaluate the economics and ecological consequences of alternative fuel reduction treatments in seasonally dry forests of the United States.

Vegetation response to burn severity, native grass seeding, and salvage logging

Publications Posted on: October 06, 2015
As the size and extent of wildfires has increased in recent decades, so has the cost and extent of post-fire management, including seeding and salvage logging. However, we know little about how burn severity, salvage logging, and post-fire seeding interact to influence vegetation recovery long- term.

Restoring fire to mixed conifer forests in the Northern Cascades

Publications Posted on: September 04, 2007
Many of the ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) mixed conifer stands in the Methow Valley of north-central Washington have developed understories of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga rnenziesii) as a result of fire exclusion. Most of the forest floor has not yet become cluttered with dead woody fuel. Instead, the live biomass has increased and created more ladder fuels (branches near enough to the ground to carry a surface into the crowns).

Application of the Forest Vegetation Simulator in evaluating management for old-growth characteristics in southwestern mixed conifer forests

Publications Posted on: June 20, 2006
We used the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) and GRAFM graphics display to investigate conditions associated with the stability of an old-growth stand and to evaluate the potential for two managed stands of contrasting but representative conditions to develop structures similar to the old-growth stand.