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Keyword: multi-species

Parallel, targeted analysis of environmental samples via high-throughput quantitative PCR

Publications Posted on: May 10, 2020
When analyzing environmental samples for DNA from multiple taxa, researchers must usually decide between iterative analyses with single-taxon assays - which are reliable and sensitive, but also laborious to apply - and approaches such as metabarcoding that can simultaneously target multiple species, but which are less sensitive for detection across taxa.

The aquatic eDNAtlas project

Projects Posted on: February 08, 2018
The website provides: 1) A large list of supporting science behind eDNA sampling. 2) The recommended field protocol for eDNA sampling and the equipment loan program administered by the NGC. 3) A systematically-spaced sampling grid for all flowing waters of the U.S. in a downloadable format that includes unique database identifiers and geographic coordinates for all sampling sites. Available for download in an Geodatabase or available by ArcGIS Online map. This sampling grid can be used to determine your field collection sites to contribute. 4) The lab results of eDNA sampling at those sites where project partners have agreed to share data.