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Keyword: neotropical

The genus Enlinia Aldrich in Chile (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), with the description of four new species

Publications Posted on: June 14, 2019
Four new species of Enlinia Aldrich are described from Chile: Enlinia biobio n. sp., Enlinia chilensis n. sp., Enlinia enormis n. sp., and Enlinia isoloba n. sp. These specimens were collected during a 2013 invertebrate survey in sclerophyll and Valdivian temperate rain forest habitats of the central and southern Chilean Andes. The only other species of Enlinia recorded from Chile is E. atrata (Van Duzee).

Enlinia Aldrich, 1933 of Mitaraka, French Guiana (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

Publications Posted on: December 06, 2018
The genus Enlinia Aldrich, 1933 is recorded from French Guiana for the first time and six new species are described: E. loboptera n. sp., E. bova n. sp., E. colossicornis n. sp., E. mitarakensis n. sp., E. touroulti n. sp., and E. dalensi n. sp. A seventh unnamed species belonging to the E. armata Robinson, 1969 species group, and represented by a single female specimen, is also reported.

Palpi aplenty: New species in the Chrysotus longipalpus species group (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

Publications Posted on: April 26, 2018
Four new Nearctic species belonging to the Chrysotus longipalpus species group are described: Chrysotus keyensis sp. nov. (Florida), Chrysotus mccreadiei sp. nov. (Alabama), Chrysotus mystax sp. nov. (Alabama), and Chrysotus plumarista sp. nov. (Alabama). This brings the number of known species in this group to twelve. A key to species of males of the C. longipalpus species group and new distribution records are provided.

Review of the West Indian Arachnocoris Scott, 1881 (Hemiptera: Nabidae), with descriptions of two new species, and a catalog of the species

Publications Posted on: August 16, 2016
We review the West Indian species of Arachnocoris, a genus of spider-web dwelling kleptoparasitic nabids. We recognize five species: A. berytoides Uhler from Grenada, A. darlingtoni n. sp. from Hispaniola, A. karukerae Lopez-Moncet from Guadeloupe, A. portoricensis n. sp. from Puerto Rico, and A. trinitatis Bergroth from Trinidad.

Haromyia, a new genus of long-legged flies from Dominica (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

Publications Posted on: August 03, 2015
The new micro-dolichopodid genus Haromyia gen. nov. and the type species H. iviei sp. nov. are described from the island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles. Males and females of Haromyia are distinguished by the large setae on a bulging clypeus, minute size, and wing veins that are nearly straight and evenly diverging from wing base.