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Keyword: Northern Region

Ecological units of the Northern Region

Documents and Media Posted on: February 05, 2019
This map depicts reginal and subregional ecological units developed according to the classification scheme of the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (Avers et. al. 1994). The map presents the first iteration of Subsections which next within and refine successively larger ecological units (Bailey, et al., 1994).  Document Type: Other Documents

Science needs assessment for forest planning in the Forest Service Northern Region

Projects Posted on: May 07, 2015
This project uses qualitative social science methods to better understand the science needs of national forests engaged in the forest planning process, with special emphasis on directing  future research to address knowledge gaps.

Estimates of carbon stored in harvested wood products from United States Forest Service Northern Region, 1906-2012

Publications Posted on: September 23, 2014
Global forests capture and store significant amounts of carbon through photosynthesis. When carbon is removed from forests through harvest, a portion of the harvested carbon is stored in wood products, often for many decades.

Application of Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data to estimate the amount of old growth forest and snag density in the Northern Region of the National Forest System

Publications Posted on: January 06, 2009
This report discusses valid use of data produced by the Forest Service?s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program and used by the Northern Region of the National Forest System to analyze the compliance of individual National Forests with their Standards and Guidelines. It emphasizes use of FIA data on snag density and the percentage of forest area that meets the definition of old growth.