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Keyword: organic carbon

Black carbon emissions in Russia: A critical review

Publications Posted on: October 05, 2018
This study presents a comprehensive review of estimated black carbon (BC) emissions in Russia from a range of studies. Russia has an important role regarding BC emissions given the extent of its territory above the Arctic Circle, where BC emissions have a particularly pronounced effect on the climate.

Redistribution of pyrogenic carbon from hillslopes to stream corridors following a large montane wildfire

Publications Posted on: January 30, 2017
Pyrogenic carbon (PyC) constitutes a significant fraction of organic carbon in most soils. However, PyC soil stocks are generally smaller than what is expected from estimates of PyC produced from fire and decomposition losses, implying that other processes cause PyC loss from soils. Surface erosion has been previously suggested as one such process.

A guide to soil samplng and analysis on the National Forests of the Inland Northwest United States

Publications Posted on: January 08, 2013
This guide details soil collection methods, sample analysis, and data translation. It outlines what field soil scientists need to make accurate interpretations of site information. Included are instructions for sampling typical Andisols found on National Forests of the Inland Northwest United States.

Development and application of a soil organic matter-based soil quality index in mineralized terrane of the Western US

Publications Posted on: October 16, 2012
Soil quality indices provide a means of distilling large amounts of data into a single metric that evaluates the soil's ability to carry out key ecosystem functions. Primarily developed in agroecosytems, then forested ecosystems, an index using the relation between soil organic matter and other key soil properties in more semi-arid systems of the Western US impacted by different geologic mineralization was developed.

Chemical and dispersal characteristics of particulate emissions from forest fires in Siberia

Publications Posted on: August 28, 2012
Approximately 20 experimental fires were conducted on forest plots of 1-4 ha each in 2000-07 in two types of boreal forests in central Siberia, and 18 on 6 x 12-m plots in 2008-10. These experiments were designed to mimic wildfires under similar burning conditions.