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Keyword: pinyon ips

Bark beetles: A natural and dramatic forest disturbance

Projects Posted on: September 29, 2015
A number of native bark beetles can cause tree mortality in western forests and urban environments. These insects have co-evolved over thousands of years with their host trees and are an integral part of forest ecosystems. Researchers are conducting numerous studies to better understand beetle’s ecological role in shaping forest composition and structure.

Relationship of stand characteristics to drought-induced mortality in three Southwestern pinyon-juniper woodlands

Publications Posted on: September 21, 2009
Extreme drought conditions accompanied by rising temperatures have characterized the American Southwest during the past decade, causing widespread tree mortality in pinon-juniper woodlands. Pinon pine (Pinus edulis Engelm.) mortality is linked primarily to outbreaks of the pinyon ips (Ips confusus (Leconte)) precipitated by drought conditions.