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Keyword: postfire rehabilitation

Fertilization and seeding effects on vegetative cover after wildfire in north-central Washington state

Publications Posted on: July 23, 2010
Land surface treatments are often applied after severe wildfires to mitigate runoff and erosion threats. However, questions remain about treatment effectiveness, even as treatment costs continue to rise. We experimentally evaluated the effects of seeding and fertilization treatments on vegetative and total soil cover for two growing seasons after the Pot Peak wildfire in the eastern Cascade Mountains.

Postfire rehabilitation of the Hayman Fire

Publications Posted on: September 27, 2007
Our team was asked to analyze and comment on the existing knowledge and science related to postfire rehabilitation treatments, with particular emphasis on the known effectiveness of these treatments. The general effects of fire on Western forested landscapes are well documented (Agee 1993; DeBano and others 1998; Kozlowski and Ahlgren 1974) and have been thoroughly discussed in other chapters of this report.