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Keyword: prescribed burns

Airborne characterization of smoke marker ratios from prescribed burning

Publications Posted on: July 20, 2017
A Particle-Into-Liquid Sampler - Total Organic Carbon (PILS-TOC) and fraction collector system was flown aboard a Twin Otter aircraft sampling prescribed burning emissions in South Carolina in November 2011 to obtain smoke marker measurements.

A review of the Forest Service Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) network

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
The RAWS network and RAWS data-use systems are closely reviewed and summarized in this report. RAWS is an active program created by the many land-management agencies that share a common need for accurate and timely weather data from remote locations for vital operational and program decisions specific to wildland and prescribed fires.

Fire effects on aquatic ecosystems: An assessment of the current state of the science

Publications Posted on: March 03, 2016
Fire is a prevalent feature of many landscapes and has numerous and complex effects on geological, hydrological, ecological, and economic systems. In some regions, the frequency and intensity of wildfire have increased in recent years and are projected to escalate with predicted climatic and landuse changes.

Effectiveness of litter removal in preventing mortality of yellow barked ponderosa pine in northern Arizona

Publications Posted on: May 15, 2013
Removal of deep litter and duff from the base of mature southwestern ponderosa pine trees is commonly recommended to reduce mortality following prescribed burns, but experimental studies that quantify the effectiveness of such practices in reducing mortality are lacking.

Effects of prescribed burns on wintering cavity-nesting birds

Publications Posted on: March 14, 2008
Primary cavity-nesting birds play a critical role in forest ecosystems by excavating cavities later used by other birds and mammals as nesting or roosting sites. Several species of cavity-nesting birds are non-migratory residents and consequently subject to winter conditions.

Spatio-temporal distribution of white-tailed deer (Odocioleus virginianus) relative to prescribed burns on rangeland in south Texas

Publications Posted on: March 13, 2008
Overgrazing and fire suppression has left much rangeland in poor condition for various wildlife species. Prescribed fire is one range improvement practice used to restore degraded wildlife habitat. I determined the effect of prescribed fire on whitetailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) spatial and temporal distribution, in the presence of cattle grazing.

Using relative humidity to predict spotfire probability on prescribed burns

Publications Posted on: August 24, 2007
Spotfires have and always will be a problem that burn bosses and fire crews will have to contend with on prescribed burns. Weather factors (temperature, wind speed and relative humidity) are the main variables burn bosses can use to predict and monitor prescribed fire behavior.

A new tool for fire managers: An electronic duff moisture meter

Publications Posted on: June 21, 2006
Prescribed fires are increasingly being used to reduce hazardous fuels, a major objective of the National Fire Plan. Despite advancing technology and ever-improving models, fire managers still find it challenging to determine the right time for a prescribed burn.