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Keyword: protection

Science framework for conservation and restoration of the sagebrush biome: Linking the Department of the Interior’s Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy to long-term strategic conservation actions

Publications Posted on: April 11, 2017
The Science Framework is intended to link the Department of the Interior’s Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy with long-term strategic conservation actions in the sagebrush biome. The Science Framework provides a multiscale approach for prioritizing areas for management and determining effective management strategies within the sagebrush biome.

The trend of forest fire research in northern Idaho

Publications Posted on: August 10, 2015
Readers or the Idaho Forester do not need to be told why it is necessary to study forest fires in Northern Idaho. They have seen the fires sweep though virgin stands or merchantable timber and through beautiful young stands of valuable reproduction, greatly reducing the value of the merchantable timber and trees and often completely destroying the young stands which soon would have been merchantable.

Effect of suppression strategies on federal wildland fire expenditures

Publications Posted on: October 02, 2012
Policymakers and decisionmakers alike have suggested that the use of less aggressive suppression strategies for wildland fires might help stem the tide of rising emergency wildland fire expenditures. However, the interplay of wildland fire management decisions and expenditures is not well understood. In this study, we assess the effect of different fire management objectives and strategies on expenditures.

An integrated monitoring approach using multiple reference sites to assess sustainable restoration in coastal Louisiana

Publications Posted on: March 05, 2007
Achieving sustainable resource management in coastal Louisiana requires establishing reference conditions that incorporate the goals and objectives of restoration efforts. Since the reference condition is usually considered sustainable, it can be a gauge to assess the present condition of a (degraded) system or to evaluate progress of management actions toward some target system state (the reference or desired conditions).

The challenge of wilderness stewardship

Publications Posted on: June 21, 2006
The 1964 Wilderness Act and subsequent wilderness legislation have resulted in the designation of over 106 million acres of the United States as wilderness.

Conservation priorities in the Apache Highlands ecoregion

Publications Posted on: June 12, 2006
The Apache Highlands ecoregion incorporates the entire Madrean Archipelago/Sky Island region. We analyzed the current distribution of 223 target species and 26 terrestrial ecological systems there, and compared them with constraints on ecosystem integrity (e.g., road density) to determine the most efficient set of areas needed to maintain current biodiversity.

Citizens' council protecting Sky Island wildlife corridor

Publications Posted on: June 12, 2006
[First paragraph] In 1999-2000, stakeholders involved with efforts to create Las Cienegas National Conservation Area identified lands north of the designated National Conservation Area and Acquisition Planning District boundaries as important to protect as well.

The challenge of scientific activities in wilderness

Publications Posted on: March 09, 2006
Science is an appropriate and necessary use of wilderness. The long-term protection of wilderness, including decisions related to the planning and management of wilderness resources, use and values, requires an understanding often available only through scientific investigation. In addition, wilderness provides opportunities for scientific understanding not available in other, less protected areas.

Does protection of desert tortoise habitat generate other ecological benefits in the Mojave Desert?

Publications Posted on: March 07, 2006
This paper summarizes the ecological effects of fenced habitat protection for the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) at the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area in the Mojave Desert.