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Keyword: public participation

Building consensus: Legitimate hope or seductive paradox?

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
To understand how participants in a natural resource planning situation described the nature of consensus, we interviewed scientists, agency planners and managers, and public representatives in two planning processes on the Bitterroot National Forest in west-central Montana.

Making "stuff" happen through public participation and consensus building

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
The increasing emphasis on public participation in ecosystem-based planning suggests an enlarging need to determine what makes public participation successful and what criteria are useful in identifying when a consensus has been reached. These two questions were investigated in research involving two small planning areas on the Bitterroot National Forest.

Ethical implications of democratic theory for U.S. public participation in environmental impact assessment

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2012
Traditional mechanisms for public participation in environmental impact assessment under U.S. federal law have been criticized as ineffective and unable to resolve conflict. As these mechanisms are modified and new approaches developed, we argue that participation should be designed and evaluated not only on practical grounds of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, but also on ethical grounds based on democratic ideals.