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Keyword: regime shift

Historical range of variability for restoration and management in Wisconsin

Publications Posted on: June 26, 2019
In Wisconsin, as in other states, management goals sometimes include restoration of historical forest conditions, which may prepare forests to be more compatible with future climates, disturbances such as drought and fire, and forest health threats.

Is increased precipitation during the 20th century statistically or ecologically significant in the eastern US?

Publications Posted on: September 26, 2018
We address the climate versus disturbance debate to understand drivers of change in human-environment systems. We examine whether recent increased precipitation episodes (‘pluvials’) are unique and have ecological implications for the humid climate of the eastern United States. Robust statistical analyzes presented here indicate that the 20th century was wet, but not significantly different than other centuries during the last millennium.

Recalling open old growth forests in the Southeastern Mixed Forest province of the United States

Publications Posted on: August 20, 2018
Historical forests in the Southeastern Mixed Forest province of the United States have been less researched than other regions using historical tree surveys. We used 81,000 tree records from surveys during the 1800s to quantify composition of this ecological province. Upland oaks and pines comprised about 75% of all trees, with relatively equal composition.

Changing tree composition by life history strategy in a grassland-forest landscape

Publications Posted on: July 11, 2014
After rapid deforestation in the eastern United States, which generally occurred during the period of 1850-1920, forests did not return to historical composition and structure.

Using fire regimes to delineate zones in a high-resolution lake sediment record from the western United States

Publications Posted on: April 02, 2013
Paleoenvironmental reconstructions are important for understanding the influence of long-term climate variability on ecosystems and landscape disturbance dynamics. In this paper we explore the linkages among past climate, vegetation, and fire regimes using a high-resolution pollen and charcoal reconstruction from Morris Pond located on the Markagunt Plateau in southwestern Utah, USA.