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Keyword: regression

Aggregating pixel-level basal area predictions derived from LiDAR data to industrial forest stands in North-Central Idaho

Publications Posted on: October 01, 2008
Stand exams are the principal means by which timber companies monitor and manage their forested lands. Airborne LiDAR surveys sample forest stands at much finer spatial resolution and broader spatial extent than is practical on the ground. In this paper, we developed models that leverage spatially intensive and extensive LiDAR data and a stratified random sample of field plots across two mixed conifer forest landscapes in north-central Idaho.

Classification and regression trees

Publications Posted on: August 20, 2008
Frequently, ecologists are interested in exploring ecological relationships, describing patterns and processes, or making spatial or temporal predictions. These purposes often can be addressed by modeling the relationship between some outcome or response and a set of features or explanatory variables.

Using cluster analysis and a classification and regression tree model to developed cover types in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona

Publications Posted on: June 09, 2006
The objective of this study was to develop a rule based cover type classification system for the forest and woodland vegetation in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona. In order to develop such a system we qualitatively and quantitatively compared a hierarchical (Ward’s) and a non-hierarchical (k-means) clustering method.